BitCoin Dice

There are a few popular casino dice games out there already, such as Craps and Sic Bo, but those of You interested in some gambling with BitCoin should certainly give BitCoin Dice a try.

It’s an extremely popular game that has really taken off in the last year or so. Now it’s fairly standard for a casino accepting BTC to also offer some variation of this game. The game is an attractive choice to players due to a tiny house edge, which normally is anywhere between 1% and 2%, depending on the site You choose to play it at.

Lets take a look at various forms of this game currently offered, basic rules and a peak into common question regarding safety and fairness when playing.

One of the first BitCoin Dice Sites -

One of the first BitCoin Dice Sites –


How To Play?

The whole BTC Dice game is all about picking a number, referred to as “chance” by dice gaming sites, and then predicting whether the next winning number will be higher or lower than Your choice.

You should be aware that the virtual games do not really roll dice and numbers You can choose from are often into six figures or even a couple of million.
Having that said, I have found that playing live dealer dice is a completely different story. The experience here is upscale and realistic, since You are accompanied by attractive female dealers.

All wagers and dice rolls happen in real time, so You are allowed and even encouraged to chat with the dealers, which is one of the main selling points of live dealer casinos to begin with. Lets take a look at this game type offered by one of the most popular BitCoin casinos out there – mBit.

Live Dealer Dice

Even though regular BitCoin Dice is probably more popular, playing experience with live dealers from mBit Casino is definitely not comparable. It’s far more superior and as You can see in a recent screenshot below, girls “running” the games are very attractive and talkative as well.

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When playing this particular game type, six dice are used for every roll and Your betting options include wagers on pairs (same dice value rolled), three of a kind and even four, five or all six numbers to be the same.

House edge in live dice games is normally between 1 and 1.5% depending on the bet type You choose. This is similar to other popular live dealer games like BlackJack, Baccarat and Roulette.

Fairness & Safety

Both regular and live dealer versions of BitCoin Dice are completely safe and actually provably fair, but proper precautions are still worth taking. Only just reputable casino sites and those recommended by people You trust.

Overall playing BTC Dice is completely safe, since casinos have no need to cheat their players due to the house edge implemented in all games.

It’s worth to use Google search for researching a certain casino as well. You will also find something called “Provably Fair Tool” on most sites. This allows You to make sure that the games are actually completely fair and no cheating or angle shooting is going on.

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