Can’t Stop

CantStop-smOne of the most exciting board games that include dice is called “Can’t Stop”. This game is for players who are generally over the age of seven and it allows for up to four people at a time to play. If you are looking for an exciting family game then “Can’t Stop” might be the perfect choice.


A board game designer named Sid Sackson originally designed this game in 1980. Sackson was also famous for designing games such as “Focus”, “Network” and “Poke”. The game was developed and produced by the Parker Brother, a very successful toy and game manufacturer.

The Parker Brothers were also famous for producing classic board games such as Monopoly, Clue and Trivia Pursuit. This made the game very popular at its time of release. However, with a decline in popularity, production of “Can’t Stop” was stopped. Nevertheless, in 2007 the game was picked up by a production company called Face 2 Face Games, who re-released the game.

From here it became very successful. “Can’t Stop” is still being produced in the US today. There has even been an app of the game created, so you can play it from your cell phone or tablet.

“Can’t Stop” includes four dice, a board and markers. Each of these things is necessary for the game to run smoothly. The most important thing about any board game or dice game is that the rules are simple enough that any one can play, but also complex enough to keep it interesting. “Can’t Stop” is both of these things.

Basic Rules

The rules are fun, yet there is enough risk created while playing that people continue to enjoy it. This is clear as thirty-five years after it was created, people are still playing.

In general, the rules are relatively simple. The board is divided into columns. Each of these is clearly numbered, from two to twelve. The game comes with four dice, which each player roles on every turn. Once the player has seen the numbers they have rolled, they will pair off the dice coming up with two numbers. This is done by choosing two of the dice and adding their numbers and then doing the same with the other two dice. The players then place markers on the board that correspond to these numbers.

This is where the rules tend to get complicated. If there are no markers on the board already, a player can add one. However if there are already markers on the board, then the player must place the marker once step higher.

This is inevitably how a player reaches the top of the board and wins. If the dice roll a number that does not correspond with any of the available places, then the player does not get to add a marker and they do not move forward in any way. This is often referred to as “going bust”.

If a player successfully finds a place on the board for a new marker, they are given the opportunity to take another roll of the dice. They must decide whether to roll again in the hopes of succeeding or whether to wait and see. It can be tricky to decide whether it is worth taking another shot, because if a player rolls numbers that do not fit on the board, they can loose everything.

The general idea is to roll numbers and climb up the columns. If a player manages to reach the top of a column, then that column cannot be touched. This makes the game harder as there are less play options available. The game is won when a player manages to reach the top of all four columns.

A game of “Can’t Stop” can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. This game is as exciting as there is a constant sense of risk throughout. It is simple to play and anyone can enjoy it. In terms of board games and dice games, “Can’t Stop” is a classic.

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