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Craps is a very popular game in casinos all across America. However, when it comes to the origin of the game, there are several contradicting theories.

Some say it originated from a medieval English game called Hazard. While there are also evidences that suggest ancient Roman soldiers used to play a simplified version of the game.

They fashioned dices out of pig, goat, or sheep knuckles and threw them on inverted shields. Even though the ancient origin of craps is still a matter of debate, the modern rules of the game were first introduced by a fellow called John. H. Winn back in 1907.

Considered to be the father of modern craps, this guy was a well known dice maker and his laid out rules of the game are followed to this very day. Now let’s take a detailed look into understanding how a typical game of craps is played.

How To Play The Game?

When you first come across a craps table, the different numbers and boxes may give you the impression that the game is overwhelmingly complex. In reality, however, the game is pretty simple and can be learnt by anyone in a matter of minutes. Let’s start with the absolute fundamentals.

Craps is a game where you place your bet on the betting table, predicting a certain outcome. After which dice is thrown on the table and you win or lose depending on the rolled number.

When you start the game, you have two options of either placing your bet on the area marked Pass or the rectangular box that says Don’t Pass.

Typical Craps Table in Palace Casino Resort

Typical Craps Table in Palace Casino Resort


Putting your money on the Pass line says that you are going with the person who is throwing the dice also known as the shooter and hoping he or she wins the roll.

On the other hand, if you place your bet on the Don’t Pass section you are hoping that the shooter will fail. How does a shooter win or lose? Well, the shooter wins if he or she rolls a 7 or an 11 on the first roll, however if the numbers are 2, 3, or 12 he or she loses the roll.

For example, if you put your money on Pass and the shooter rolls 11 you automatically win the bet. In the same way, if your money is on Don’t Pass and the shooter rolls a 2 you win. Now, when a set of dice is thrown there are 11 possible outcomes. The natural question is what happens when the shooter rolls a number that’s not the 5 numbers mentioned above.

If the shooter rolls any number other than 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12 that number becomes the Point. For example, if the shooter rolls 5 on the first roll, nobody wins or loses, but the number 5 becomes the Point number. After the point number is assigned, the shooter has to roll the Point number again before rolling a 7.

At this point, the shooter has to keep on rolling until one of these two numbers is reached. If the shooter rolls the Point number before rolling 7, everyone on the Pass line wins. However, if he or she rolls a 7 first, people betting on Don’t Pass wins. Once one of these two numbers are reached the round ends and shooters starts all over again.

Now, the majority of the betting happens after the Point is assigned and lasts till the Point or the number 7 is rolled for the first time. Bettors can choose to multiply their previous bet by placing more chips behind their original Pass Or Don’t Pass chips. They can also bet on any other number to increase their chances of a win.

Knowing The Basic Rules Of Craps:

Shooter: This is the person who throws the dice. A shooter is randomly assigned and gets changed after each round is complete. If the first throw is 7 or 11 also known as the Pass numbers, the shooter continues shooting the next round without passing the dice to anyone else. However, if he or she throws a losing number the next person gets to be the new shooter and the round starts again.

Betting: Betting happens when players place their chips on different sections on the table. All the betting sections are clearly marked and labeled. In case of any confusion regarding betting players are free to ask the dealer.

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