Catan Dice

catan-dice-game_rightCatan Dice is a popular board game in Germany and a couple of English speaking countries. It was brought to life by Klaus Teuber, a well known German game designer.

First game version was published in 1995 and since then, it has been refurbished a couple of times. Though, the essence and rules of it has remained same since its invention.

The game was licensed by Mayfair games for all the English speaking countries and Cosmos in Germany. This game can be played by a number of players but it is always best if it is only played by 4 people. The game is most suited to players from 7 years and above.

Catan citam is an easy to play game belonging to the famous Settlers of catan series. In this game, the players will roll 6 dices to get resources such as gold, wool, grain, lumber, ore and wood. These resources will then be used to build settlements, roads, knights and cities. There are many strategies which the players can use in the game. Some people decide to take major risks while others try to avoid risk as much as possible.

While those players who are willing to sacrifice a lot have a better chance of winning the game, they are also equally exposed when it comes to losing the game. However, just like many other dice games, this is a random game and the outcomes are difficult to predict. But if you don’t mind the randomness, you will realise that this game is very entertaining especially when you play it with your family members.


This game is played in a similar manner with Yahtzee. There are usually 6 marked dice which represents resources and can be rolled for up to three times. The player has the ability to choose which dices to keep for each roll. After the player stops rolling the dices, he will use his resources to build roads, settlements, knights, and cities.

It is important to note that each of these investments has a specific resource requirement. There is always a starting point where the roads must begin after which they will extend to the cities and the settlements.

The knights are used in unlocking ‘resource jokers’ which will allow the outcome of 1 die to set up to specific resources after the die has been rolled. To build different items, you require the following resources;

  •  A knight, you require an ore,
  •  Building a road requires the use of wood and a brick,
  •  Building a settlement requires wheat, sheep, wood and a brick,
  •  Building a city requires two wheat and three ore.

It is important to note that gold is only important when it is in pair for example 2 gold can replace any other resource.

For each of the item built, points will be earned. However, all items do not carry the same marks for example, roads comes with one point. However, for you to achieve high valued settlements and cities, you must begin by building these roads. The knights carry 1 to 6 points. High valued settlements comes with 3 to 11 points while cities come with 7 to 30 points. For one to achieve high scores, they should build knights, settlements and cities.

This is a luck game and everyone intends to get to the cities. Getting to the cities will definitely earn you high score but it can also make you to burst out. It is important to be flexible while playing this game because being rigid with one strategy can lead to losing the game.

It is important to note that in the event that the player is unable to build anything on turn, then some points will be deducted from his aggregate. After 15 turns, the player who has attained the most marks will be declared the winner.

Why You Should Try This Game

There are many benefits of playing this game. Some of the pros includes,

· You get the opportunity to enjoy a game with your family,

· It is a clever game which has been set up in the settlers of Catan universe.

· Players who are willing to take the biggest risks have a chance to win very great rewards.

· The game is very similar to Yahtzee and therefore you will not feel like you are playing a new game. It looks very familiar.

· It can be enjoyed just the way you enjoy solitaire games.

The players do not interact and this can lead to the dragging of downtime between the turns.

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