Dice Games for Real Money

Most dice games that we have covered on this site are free to play and were created to be that way. Though a few others are actually gambling games and are played in land based casinos.

If You are looking for some real money games involving dice, keep on reading. We will cover the most popular ones and suggest a few casinos to play them at too.


Probably the most popular casino dice game, widely spread across brick & mortar casinos in United States as well as online. Though outside the US, the game is practically dead and You likely won’t be able to find it in any land based casinos.

The popularity of Craps can be explained by using simplicity of rules, as well as the social appeal. People usually gather around tables and if You’re the shooter and have a lucky streak, it’s likely to give You a local superstar status.

Online play is more discrete and might not be appealing to those that are in to the game for reasons described above. If You enjoy the thrill of having money on the line though, online Craps will do it for You.

We have heard great things about the games offered by Miami Club Casino and since they accept US players, it’s a very popular destination among those looking to play this game online.

Those looking to play on their mobile or tablet devices will have to wait a little longer. To our knowledge there are no real money Craps app currently on the market. Although You can surely find some free play ones in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Sic Bo

Unlike Craps, which is a game only popular in the US, Sic Bo is mostly played in China and other centrally located countries in Asia. The two games have some similarities, but there are two main aspects differentiating Sic Bo – usage of three dice for determining the winning number and no future bets available.

When playing Craps, some of Your bets could be transferred to the next playing round, which is not the case in this one, making it a pure game of chance. When it comes to the rules, these are similarly simple to learn in both games.

Bet365 is one of the few online casinos offering the game in a live dealer version, while also giving You a chance to choose between a European or Asian looking female dealers.


This game was thought of as the next big thing and it was certainly very popular at the end of nineties. Even though the game of Backgammon is not completely dead, You will have a hard time finding opposition to play against for real money.

Rules of it are also a little bit more complicated than those for Craps and Sic Bo. Dice is only used for determining stake of the game at that very turn.


You probably have played or at least heard about Monopoly – one of the most popular board games in the world. It has a rich history too and it was actually brought to the market more than 100 years ago. People are used to play it with their family or friends, but in a way, it can also be played online and for real money.

That’s right, IGT, the renowned slot machine game developers, have created a fully licensed Monopoly slot that You can now play at online casinos like Bet365.

While the experience won’t be quite the same as playing board game version of this game, some vital parts of it are also developed into the slot.

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