6910_Farkle_BoxDice is one of the most popular games played today and its origin can be traced several decades back. One common dice game players love is Farkle which can also be spelled as Farkel.

This variant of dice though classic, has only been commercially available since the 80s and Legendary Games Inc is its sole manufacturer in the market. Farkle is loved by both adults and children mainly because it is easy to learn how to play and fun. Besides, playing the game is governed by various rules which require a strategic approach. It is perfect for those who love to incorporate their own intelligence in playing rather than entirely relying on luck.

What does the Farkle include?

This dice game is not that much different from the other popular dice found in casinos like Craps or Sic Bo.  There are different types of Farkle dice games including Pocket Farkle, Spicy Farkle and Speedy Farkle among others. The game consists of 6 same size and dimension dice cubes with markings from 1 to 6 on each. To play, an additional flat surface for tossing the dice is required.

How to play Farkle

Farkle can be played by any two or more players and involves tossing all the six dice cubes on a flat surface. Any combination has it unique implications which may either result in winning points or loosing/not accumulating any point. When playing Farkle dice, the rules are the most important aspects to note since they determine wins and losses. The game is traditionally played in a clockwise direction and all players use the same dice.

Any single tossing results in different pairs of results containing the marked denominations. Some numbers may be repeated in a single throw which is a common occurrence and highly probable. Playing and winning in Farkle dice are two different things and some bad decisions may lead to loss of points that have already been collected. Winning is guided by the rules of play which is why the game is quite interesting.

You will need to apply some personal instincts and brilliance to collect the maximum number of points. Nonetheless, the game is still highly dependent on luck rather than personal input. Some tossing techniques may be speculated to increase the probability of getting certain outcome, although this is entirely untrue and cannot be proven.

Winning Farkle dice

When you toss the six dice cubes, you can have as any possible result of the six numbers market on each side of each dice. Numbers 2, 3, 4 and 6 when appearing as singles usually mean nothing to the player and no points are awarded for such throws. However, if you have them in treble, let’s say a throw provides 1-2-2-2-4-5 then the three 2s attract 200 points. Similarly, three 3s attract 300 points while three 4s, 5s and 6s attract 400, 500 and 600 points respectively.

The highest score is achieved when the roll produces three 1s which totals to 1000 points. With Farkle dice, winning gives you a chance to perform another roll without passing to your opponent although in some cases, you can just choose to keep the points and pass it to the next person. This is often done when you risk loosing gathered points. A single 1 in the roll contains 100 points while 5 has 50 points.

Winning rules

In the dice game, you can win points in one roll and throw another one to continue winning. If you choose this, you risk loosing the points collected from the first roll. If the first throw does not produce any winning combination, the game is passed to the next player.

For example, when your roll provides 1-3-3-3-4-6, the three sets of 3 collect 300 points and 100 for the 1 which totals to 400. You can choose to keep the 400 points or roll in the 4 and 6 hoping to land 1s or 5s for additional 100/150/200 points achievable.

If you opt for this and do not win anything, you also loose the 400 in the first roll. In this case, you have farkled. The cycle continues until a player farkles or to the last roll. Usually, this game is played until a player gathers about 10,000 points although the number can vary as determined by players.

Farkle is quite entertaining and engaging. It is also very easy to play and can be achieved by anyone with one minute of observation. This game is simply set to remain a favorite for ages to come.

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