The Kismet dice game is an entertaining game that is similar to yacht or the popular Yahtzee dice game that Hasbro has made for a while. This is a game that entails the need to roll one’s dice to get the best possible combinations that one can get.

The Game’s History

The game of Kismet has been around since 1964. The game, which is named for the Turkish word for “fate,” is a game that is popular for being strategic. The game was originally introduced in 1964 as the “modern game of yacht.” It was simply created as a means of making yacht a little more accessible. Today the game can still be found in many toy stores.

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How It’s Organised

Kismet uses a very simple organisation. First, it uses a simple container that will hold the dice as they are being shaken. Second, it uses five dice that feature three colours:

· The 1 and 6 are in black.

· The 2 and 5 are in red.

· The 3 and 4 are in green.

The game can also include as many players as desired. Two to four players are best but more can be added. Either way, each player needs one’s own scorecard. These Kismet scorecards can easily be downloaded and printed online.

How To Play

A player will have to roll the five dice. The player can use as many as three rolls in a turn. The player will have the option to hold back certain dice after each roll, thus reducing the total number of dice that will be rolled.

A score must be entered into one’s scorecard after the third roll. If the player cannot get anything to go on one’s card then that player will get a zero for that round.

How Scoring Works

Scoring works with two sections. First, there is a Basic section. A player can write in a score based on the numbers that one rolls and the number of dice that match up.

For instance, if a player has three 5s then that player can write in 15 into the Fives section. Meanwhile, a player with two 6s can write in 12 into the Sixes. A player who gets 63 or more points will get a bonus:

· Players with 63 to 70 points will get 35 bonus points.

· Players with 71 to 77 points will get 55 points.

· Those with 78 or more points will get 75 more points.

The Kismet section is the second section and will entail different possible combinations:

· A two pair of dice of the same colour, particularly a 1-1-6-6, 2-2-5-5 or 3-3-4-4, will be worth the sum of the dice in the game.

· Three of a kind entails three of the same number in a roll and will be worth the sum of the dice.

· A straight entails 30 points for five consecutive numbers.

· A flush where the dice are of the same colour will be 35 points.

· A full house with three of the same number and two of another number will be worth the sum of the dice plus 15 points.

· A full house with the dice having the same color is good for the sum of the dice plus 20 points.

· Four of a kind features four of the same number and is good for the sum of the dice and 25 bonus points.

· A Yarborough is a combination of all the dice in a game and will be worth the sum of those dice.

· A Kismet will have the dice of the same number. This is worth the sum of the dice and 50 points.

If two or more Kismets are rolled in a game then a player can get the same total in any category other than the straight category. Also, all players will have to enter in a zero in the top-most open spot on their sheets. In fact, the game says that “it is fate” that someone will win if

Overall, the winner is the player who has the most points at the end of the game. It can be seen from these rules that Kismet can be a fun game to play with plenty of details attached to it.

All people who are looking for a fun game to play at a party should definitely see how Kismet can work thanks to the mix of strategy and luck that comes with playing this exciting and unique game.

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