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Pig is a great dice game that is rather unique and fun for all to play with. It is a game that is popular among many people for being challenging and requiring quite a bit of thought in order to win. In addition, the game has become popular in schools as a game that teaches probability.

The game focuses on probability as it allows people to devise their own ideas on when certain numbers are to show up. Players can use this game to create their own strategies as to whether they should keep rolling or not. It is a fascinating concept as it shows how all people will have their own ideas on how probability may work in a particular game as it goes along.

History Of the Game

Pig was devised by John Scarne in 1945. However, it is believed to be of a folk origin although the exact points with regards to its specific origins are not fully known. The game has gone through many names like Pig Dice and Skunk. It is also known as Pass the Pig in some forms.

The game is especially popular for being considered as a jeopardy-style game. That is, a player has to consider whether or not a favourable roll should be jeopardised by choosing to take in another roll in the hopes of getting better results off of it.

What Items Are Required?

The items that are needed when playing this exciting game are good for all players to look for. First, one die is all that is needed. This can be any traditional six-sided die.

A pencil and paper are also required. These are needed in order to keep score.

The game can also be played with at least two people. It could technically be played with as many people as desired though.

How the Game Is Played

Pig is played by using a few simple steps. First, the die is rolled to get a number. If the number is between 2 to 6 then the player can take the points on has and roll again to get more. However, if the player gets a 1 then the player scores a 0 for that round. The next player will get to roll.

The player has the option to roll the dice as often as one wants. The player can get a 5, 3 and 6 on three rolls to have 14 points and the option to either roll again or pass to the next player. The player will get 14 points to one’s total if that player passes. However, if the player chooses to roll again and gets a 1 then the player will go back to 0 for that round. Anything that was attained earlier in the game will still be kept.

The goal is for a player to reach a total of 100. The first person to reach that total will win the game.

A Two-Dice Option Can Work Too

Pig can be played with a different variant that uses two dice. This will allow a player to get more points quickly. However, if a player gets a 1 on either dice then the total for the round will be 0. If the player actually gets two 1s then the total for the entire game will go all the way down to 0.

Some two-dice variants may also include an option called the Big Pig. This would entail getting two 1s in a single roll to get 25 points on the same roll. This is an optional standard to use but it can be fun for many players to get into.

What About Skunk?

Skunk is a variant to take a look at as well when playing this fun game. Skunk is a variation on the game where players can stand at a table. A player can hold one’s score by sitting down at any time. The round will keep going until all players have sat down or a 1 comes up. This will entail five rounds with the highest-scoring player during all of those five rounds being the winner.


The game of Pig is a fun one that is simple and easy for all to enjoy. Those who want to enjoy a simple and thrilling game should see just how well this game can work as it features some fun ways to play and can be great for all to try out.

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