FGA-UL660D-TheRiskFactor-2A game with the goal of conquering the world, Risk is a scenario of battling with the thrills of a well planned military strategy. You must be brave and bold to launch daring attacks and be able to defend yourself, prepared to strike and never be caught off-guard as enemies strike.

Players command their armies to acquire more territories and move across continents. Excitement awaits as you embark through the dangers Risk presents and rejoice in the glory of winning.

History of Risk

This strategy board game was invented by Albert Lamorisse, a French film director, with his partner Michael I. Lebin. Its original release back in 1957 named “The Conquest of the World.” It was then produced by Parker Brothers which is currently a division of Hasbro, and they modified it to Risk: The continental Game and later on as Risk: The Game of Global Domination. Risk has remained in production for over fifty years now as the gameplay has never failed to capture the interest of many.

The portrayal of territories with players taking over the world’s nations, which you can’t do in real life, has made it a huge success as a game unparalleled by any other. What’s more is it has been made available in a myriad of versions which empowered players control over everything, such as the Risk Napoleon edition where players performed the role of this renowned French leader, the Risk 2210 AD which allowed players to reach and rule even the moon, and the epic Lord of the Rings edition.

Game Scheme

Risk is played on a board representing a map of the earth which is divided into a total of forty-two territories grouped within six continents. A turn-based game ideal for two-six players that compete with a rolling dice, the main object of this game is to capture every territory with the armies you built. Gain ultimate control and advance further as you eliminate your opponents until you finally achieve global domination.

You acquire a set of seventy-two cards along with various tokens denoting the army’s size. Within each set would be an infantry which stands for one army, cavalry which represents five armies, and artillery for ten armies.

The cards are marked with either of the three symbols and every time players are able to conquer a territory, they receive one of the cards as a reward. You also get two wild cards which holds all three symbols and twenty-eight mission cards in relation to the Secret Mission Risk variant, and five dice, three red and two white.

Basic strategy requires a player to control the entire continents, keep an eye on borders for upcoming attacks, and build strong armies for an effective line of defense. Depending on the number of players, each one is allotted a certain number of troops where warriors are distinguished by specific colors, and which players use to claim segments on the political map.

It is a must that at least one army occupies a country such that not one is left defenseless. A dice roll determines the order of play, the highest roll gets to be first, then traverses clockwise during the game.

Rules of The Game

The game Risk begins with a player gaining new armies based on the territory they own, arriving in the form of infantry, cavalry and artillery as previously mentioned. You may then distribute them in places designed to protect your territories and which you deem would be a winning strategy.

In commencing attacks, you are allowed to move forth to adjacent territories to what you own or which is connected by sea-route. At this point, the number of armies to use in the attack must be decided upon, and will also determine the number of red dice a player can roll. Once the attacker is done, the defender takes his turn and rolls the white dice, denoted by the territory they are protecting.

After which, the highest red and white die are compared, and the winning player gets to remove an opponent’s game piece form its territory. Upon wiping out and colonizing up to the last army, you amass the cards of your opponents and is soon declared the winner of this quite challenging and intelligent Risk game.

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