Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the newest dice games online. Just like other casino game, it offers a large number of bets with different house edges. The common strategy revolving around this game involves selecting bets that have a low house edge in order to increase the winning opportunities.

The game is based on an ancient Chinese dice game that does not require player strategy at all. It has a lot of similarities to the English game called Chuck-A-Luck. It has also been often compared to the western game of craps.

Even though Sic Bo is originally from the ancient land of China, it has become quite popular in Western countries. In the present day, it is played in most of the casinos around the world. Its uniqueness and the simple and easy rules that it has are some of the things that have contributed to its popularity.

It is a game that can make for a lively round of wagering, to matter where you are playing it from.


How to Play

Sic Bo is usually played with three dices. This means that its outcome can vary from 3 to 18. The main bets in this game are big and small.

You will qualify for the small bet wins when the total lies between 4 to 10 except if the 3 dices have the same number.

250px-Sic_bo_TableAs for the big bet wins, you will qualify for them if the rolled dice falls between 11 and17 except if all the three dices show the same number. Both the small and big bets have an even payout and have a house edge of 2.78 percent.

Sic Bo has extra even-money bets besides the big and small bets, which are the even and odd bets. If a dice roll results into an even or odd total, you will qualify for an even payout in the event of a win.

You are allowed to bid on the face values of the dices adding up to an odd or even number and stand a chance to win if your prediction is correct. You will however automatically lose your bet if you roll three of any kind, regardless of the number that you will have thrown. Just like the small and big bets, the even and odd bets also have a house edge of 2.78 percent.

The best thing about the small and big bets in Sic Bo is that they give you a high probability of winning. However, you are advised to play different kinds of bets if you want to make the game more interesting and exciting. You should try and experiment with various bets that have different payouts in order to make the playing experience more enjoyable.

High Risk Strategies

If you want to up your chances of winning, you can choose to place more than one bet at a time. However, you will need to know the best high risk strategies to use in order to avoid putting your money at risk. You will need to place your bets on the large numbered blocks that usually cross the center of the table if you want to maximise your wins.

For instance, if you want to win two times on a spin, you can bet on 8, 9, 12, 13 as well as doubles. Say you choose to bet 8 for instance. In this case, you will not be allowed to bet double on anything else except for 1, 2 and 3. All the remaining numbers will be equal to 8 or higher if doubled.

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You can also place triple bets on a specific number or on the probability that three dices of any kind will strike on a roll if you want to maximise your winnings when playing this game. You can also place bets on combinations of two dices in exchange for a much smaller win.

Another important thing that you will need to do is to know the bets that have house edges. As a smart gambler, you should try to avoid the bets that have a high house advantage if you want to minimise the risk of losing.


Generally, Sic Bo is a simple dice game that anyone can learn how to play perfectly. It offers a wide range of bets that have different house advantages. The simplest strategy that you can use to maximize your wins when playing this game is to avoid betting on areas that have a high house edge even if they seem to have nice payouts.

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